Try the first week FREE! Introducing our Pankration MMA Online App At Home Solo MMA Fitness and Skills! And after that only $8.99 per month.

Get the fitness and skills of MMA training in your own home. Our solo training MMA app teaches you how to drill correct striking, wrestling and ground technique while getting into awesome shape. Drilling makes killers and our solo training system will build your skills in a progressive way with exciting workouts.

If your gym is closed for Covid-19 this is the perfect app for you. Because you won’t maintain your skills...you’ll come back better. We don’t just train technique, we drill context, movement and strategy at the same time.

Every coach will tell you fundamentals at a high level make champions and solo drilling is perfect for this. You’ll get no equipment workouts, bag work drills, ground bag drills, rope line work and much more.

The app also contains classes suitable for both adults and kids so if you want to train with your family and teach them something more than just fitness we’ve got you covered.

Each week a new class and new workout will be added to build your library of skill and fitness.

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“He’s gained so much confidence from it all. We can’t believe the change in him. He’s always been a quiet enough kid so it’s done wonders!” - Jessica Fitzgerald, Adam’s mum

Our Virtual MMA Little Ninjas /Kids Online Training is the perfect home training system for your child to do. As you can see in the videos it also develops another bond with your child as a parent. Adam was only one-week training with us when we went into lockdown.

We created this program for him and all students of Pankration, that he could train and still achieve tags, belts. Adam did exactly that with the guidance of his mum to become Red Belt in our Little Ninja program. It gave him a weekly routine of training and normality. Plus he had a lot of fun doing it.

The system is extremely easy to use and anything required would be in your home already. Mentally it will improve your child’s ability to work out problems and build confidence. It gives them a clear understanding of hard work and discipline. The tag system is a clear winner in pushing them to train with the program.

Our Online Solo Personal Training System is usable by martial artists of all disciplines.

“Very good programme for both beginners and advanced students. Having trained in martial arts for well over 25 years I found that Dermot specifically tailored the programme based on my level of experience and current fitness level. I found the programme very beneficial and the application was easy to use.

Dermot has a huge depth of experience which he uses to set out a programme which in my case helped with my strength and conditioning. The application allows the student to input feedback from the training sessions and ask questions and Dermot always provided me with a clear and informative response.

I started using this application when the shutdown happened and can honestly say that I would continue using it even when my club reopens as Dermot’s depth of knowledge and teaching ability is fantastic and a huge addition to anybody’s training. Plus I can train using the programme at times that suit me.” - Christopher Matthews, 3rd Dan Karate.

We’re launching a brand new solo app so if you comment Free Week below this post and we’ll send you a link for a free trial of our new BudoCode Solo Training App!

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  • Best gym in Limerick to be in. The training plans and circuit workouts is never the same from abs, sparring, kicking, pushing the prowler, kettlebells, etc, etc, etc. Training is serious but we always have a good laugh and great fun. Dermot and Catherine is the best. They do personal training too and you be amaze by doing what you think you cant do. This is the place where my membership will never expire.
    Mag Gui
  • Catherine has helped me overcome so many obstacles. When I first met her, I was taking 6 painkillers a day due to chronic low back pain. I was feeling down due to the pain and powerless to do anything about it. It was getting to the point where I was thinking of giving up work. However, through Catherine’s guidance, I finally learned how to perform exercises pain free and I am now doing strength and conditioning exercises I never dreamed I would be able to do. Catherine’s gentle, postive and encouraging nature continues to inspire me each week I train with her. I now work 6 days a week, feel strong mentally and physically and I’m very happy – all of which is down to Catherine. I cannot recommend her enough and will never be able to thank her enough.
    Orla Smyth

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